Sunday, March 16, 2014

Picture of the night: surulere picture of president jonathan! Kai!!!

Gosh! This is the best" surulere"picture I have ever seen! E no go better for poverty! Is that president jonathan?? Ewoooo!
Sorry I couldn't update! I have been so so busy! * man must chop*
Office work + business+.......*grins*
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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Immigration test: 7 die in abuja..?? One pure water sold for 50 naira.

# I got these pictures from a friend that attended! Lmao! The guy came back tattered! 1 pure water goes for #50! Gala is #200! See 400% profit...
He said question papers were thrown like balls into the sky! And candidates had to hustle to pick the question papers from d sky!#
Authorities of National Hospital, Abuja, have confirmed seven persons among 67,000 Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) job applicants in the FCT dead.The applicants had converged today on the National Stadium, Abuja, one of the venues for the test to fill 5,000 vacancies in NIS and many were said to have arrived at the centre before 6a.m.

The service had fixed the test nationwide for the 7,000 applicants for the available jobs. However, a stampede ensued at the FCT centre about 7a.m. when the screening of candidates was to start for the test scheduled for 4p.m. Mr Tayo Haastrup, the spokesman for the hospital, told the News Agency of Nigeria that the seven, five women and two men, were brought in dead and that the bodies had been deposited at the mortuary. "The hospital received some casualties from the stampede from the ongoing Immigration recruitment at the National Stadium. Those that died were seven in number, five women are and two men, their corpses have been deposited at the mortuary, "Haastrup said.
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Uk Daily mail calls Dbanj"eja nla" a legendary womaniser! Albeit its true!

In a report entitled Kenya Moore's fake 'African Prince' boyfriend, a
'rented' Bentley and massive money woes: Real Housewives of Atlanta
star Kenya Moore stretches reality TV to the limit, the magazine says
D'banj is known for his playboy ways as well as his music.

Kenya Moore is a star on Real Housewives of Atlanta and former Miss
USA queen.

Read Excerpts from the report below:

The former Miss USA has been bombarded by claims from co-stars that
her story that she's been swept off her feet by an 'African Prince' -
who has never been seen - is fake. MailOnline has learned that the
closest anyone has got to guessing the identity of Kenya's mystery man
is that he is Nigerian pop star D'Banj - real name Dapo Daniel

Kenya has been accused of drawing up an agreement to pay him up to
$40,000 to pose as her boyfriend and provide her with an interesting
storyline for the upcoming reunion show. D'Banj, who splits his time
between Nigeria, the UK and Lagos, is known for his playboy lifestyle
as well as his music. He calls girls who are good in bed 'kokos'.
While he may not be quite that rich, D'Banj is a huge star in his home
country, where is renowned as a legendary womanizer.

His nickname is the Koko master, which is Nigerian slang for someone
who has a harem of women and he has even brought out his own range of
condoms. There was talk he would make an appearance in the upcoming
RHOA reunion show, but sources at Bravo have revealed this is highly

D'banj & Kenya Moore

Kenya posed with D'Banj in Texas last year labelling him 'My African
Prince' which led to claims that he is the millionaire she boasts

When did the meaning of Koko Master become harem of women in Nigeria

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Former Minister of Aviation: will someone tell President Jonathan to wake up!

Former Minister of aviation,Femi Fani Kayode is very concerned about the level of violence in the country! He took to the social media to show his feelings
In the short passage, he insists that someone has to wake President
Goodluck Jonathan up.

well-armed Fulani gunmen as the President was on an official visit
to the state.

State, and launched a major attack on Giwa barracks in the heart of
the city. The casualty rate is yet to be known but it is said to be

I really do wonder when all this will stop and when our President
will wake up from his slumber, rise to the occasion, honour his oath
of office and protect the Nigerian people

Nigeria is at war and our people are being slaughtered every day!
Will someone please tell Mr. President to wake up"
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BBA winner Dillish: I don't believe in Marriage I believe in wedding.

Ok! That's a new one! What exactly is the difference between marriage and wedding???
According to Naijapals:
Big Brother Africa 'TheChase' winner and Namibia ex-beauty queen, Dillish Matthews, who is currently in South Africa to promote her business, has made a stimulating statement.

"I don't believe in marriage," Dillish told a fan when asked to marry Flavour. Explaining her reason, she said, "well, I have just lost hope [in marriage]. Married people don't behave".

When confronted that most women with her ideology end up falling in love with married men, she answered, "I don't entertain those, can't cause another woman pain."

She, however, disclosed that, "I believe in love just not marriage. I want a wedding just not marriage."
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3 large explosions as boko Haram attacks Military Barracks in borno state.

Three large explosions suspected to be a major bomb attack has just
been experienced in the city of Maiduguri in Borno State.

There is no information yet on the impact of the purported attack on
lives and property, but our sources say that the three explosions were
heard across different parts of the city.

We also learnt that fighters from the Islamist sect, Boko Haram were
attempting to bomb and take over a major military base known as
'Giwa barracks' in Maiduguri.

Gunfight is said to be intense in the area
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Celebrity Dancer Kaffy prepares for another Edition of her dance/fitness event.

Nigerian dance queen, Kaffy Shafau-Ameh, who operates 'Imagneto
Dance Company' in Ajah area of Lagos, is getting set for another
edition of 'Imagneto Dance Day'

The event is a fitness/dance workout concept, which debuted on the 3rd
of March, 2012 at the National Stadium in Surulere, Lagos.

The 2014 edition is expected to hold on Saturday 22nd March at a yet
to be named venue.

Over 200 people, including children, were at the occasion last year to
burn calories as they danced to the latest hit tunes, exercised and
also learnt dance routines all in two hours.
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Genevieve Nnaji shares Instagram Family Pictures.

In her ThrowBack Thursday Instagram photos, Nollywood diva Genevieve Nnaji shared pictures she captioned "#tbt #instagramnamstyle �� #ilovemyfamily".
Can you see what I can see?

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World Richest Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo pays for Real Madrid fan to have brain surgery.

With his on-pitch swagger and multi-million pound lifestyle, many have accused of Cristiano Ronaldo of just being another arrogant footballer.

But the Real Madrid superstar showed he is anything but this week, after pledging to cover the medical bills of one very ill supporter.

Erik Ortiz Cruz, a 10-month old Real fan, has cortical dysplasia – a brain abnormality that causes up to 30 seizures each day.

The Cruz family have been desperately trying to raise money for his treatment, but because of the huge about of funds needed, it's been tricky.

The nipper needs £60,000 for an operation on his brain, while each test, which he will need for a long time after the operation, costs about £6,000 each.

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Kim Kardashian releases hot Pictures.

Kim kardashian aka mama North west lol, released some pictures to the social media obviously to show us she is back to shape! And looking like her former sexy self. And lest I forget to get attention.
Oya! Feed your eye balls! Hehehe
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Caption these Pictures: Mercy Johnson Edition.

Mallam Mercy Johnson doing her thing.
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Paul Okoye and Rita release their Wedding Invitation.

All roads lead to Port Harcourt on March 22nd for the traditional wedding of P-Square's Paul Okoye and Anita Isama. The wedding date of March 22nd has been confirmed with wedding invites already being sent out.

The white box shaped invitation card confirms the traditional wedding is taking place in the bride's hometown of Port Harcourt at the Aztech Atrium at 12 noon. The invitation card also reveals that the colors of the day are teal and coral.

# coughs! I beg did you get an invitation???#
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6 wives Gang Raped their husband to death in Benue State.

According to Punch NG:
His fame and financial breakthrough pushed him into having up to six
wives. His love for s*x equally contributed to his patronage of the
most beautiful girls in Ugbugbu Owukpa, Ogbadibo Local government area
of Benue State where a man who was identified as Uroko Onoja was
allegedly ra.ped to death by his 6 jealous wives in the early hour of

How can women do this to their own husband.. It happened 'live' in
benue state in nigeria.

The Women are currently in the Police Custody.

More Info coming Soon!!!

Source:- PUNCH NG
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TCN to start demolition of houses Built close to electric installations all around the country.

The Board of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has warned that
it would demolish structures built within close range to high-powered
electricity installations across the country.

It has also warned those erecting residential structures close to its
electricity installations, both power stations and transmission
sub-stations to desist with immediate effect.

The warning came as the board undertook an inspection tour of the
Enugu Region of the TCN.

TCN Board Chairman and immediate past governor of Ebonyi State, Dr.
Sam Egwu, led other members on the inspection tour.

He expressed shock that people could endanger their lives and that of
their family members by living in close proximity to electricity
sub-stations and other high-powered installations.

Fielding questions from reporters on the observation of buildings
close to the Onitsha sub-station, in Anambra State, Dr. Egwu said,
'It's not only here we have observed this, we saw it in

He said, 'In fact, there is a sub-station where an individual built
his residence inside the premises of TCN, but that is the problem we
have in this country.

'We blame government for most problems, yet we cause trouble for
ourselves. Otherwise, why should a normal human being risk the life of
his entire family by building a residential building close to high
power installations, sometimes under high-tension wire'

He added: 'Look at buildings very close to this sub-station; they
are not supposed to be built here, but they have decided to defy
instructions and build their structures, residential buildings for
that matter.

'So, this is a situation we have found and as a Board. We are going
to look at it and we believe that we are going to take an action that
will not be palatable to those who have flouted the laws of the

The former Ebonyi State governor decried the level of decay in the
Enugu region.
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Lmao: Female Fan Tatoos Davido's name on her Body.

The 'Omo baba olowo' artiste no doubt has got many fans most
especially the female fans.

A female fan decided to show her love for getting a tattoo of Davido's
name on her lower back.

Davido shared the photo below on Instagram WITH CAPTION 'Fan luv
Obsession if you ask me.
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Man sentenced to 14 years imprisonment for tricking girlfriend into taking abortion pills.

John Andrew Walden, 29, expressed remorse for giving his now
ex-girlfriend, Remee Jo Lee, 27, an abortion pill disguised as an
antibiotic. The judge said Monday that Welden is going to pay the

A twisted Florida man was sentenced to nearly 14 years in prison for
tricking his ex-girlfriend into taking an abortion pill last year and
killing their 6-week old fetus.

John Andrew Welden, 29, apologized Monday for his actions as a federal
judge in Tampa handed down the 13 year, 8 month sentence. But his
victim, former girlfriend Remee Jo Lee, demanded the judge show the
calculating fiend 'the same amount of mercy that he showed me
during my pregnancy,'

'This wasn't just a case to me,' Lee told the judge. 'This was
the death of my child.'

Welden and Lee, 27, had been romantically involved for nearly seven
months when they learned last February that Lee was pregnant. The
news, however, did not unite them.

Lee was ecstatic about becoming a mother, but Welden, who was working
on a degree in sports medicine, wanted her to terminate the

'I was never going to do anything but go full term with it, and he
didn't want me to,'

Welden's father, an obstetrician in the town of whom his son
worked for, examined Lee and confirmed the pregnancy.

The bottle actually contained Cytotec pills, which induce labor and
result in abortion.

Trusting Welden, Lee ingested one of the pills and went to work.

'He came to my house with the pills, his weapon of choice,'

On Sunday, Lee fell ill and experienced vaginal bleeding. Doctors at
a hospital told her she had suffered a miscarriage caused by Cytotec.
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Comedian I Go dye. almost completes Multi million$$ Mansion.

# prays on top of my lungs!! Oh thou God that blessed I go dye Bless me too! Remember me oh lord#

What most people think will not be possible I Go Dye has made people to know that through comedy one can succeed, pay his or her bills even live the life with fullest.  No wonder many comedians has join this profession  through this inspiration

Well, it might interest you to know that I Go Dye  has enter the finishing stage of his New castle, the new mansion is a "French Luxury  Chateaux des Reves Design",  the luxury mansion is an  edifice that expresses a blend of exquisite and Royalty…

In an Exclusive Interview With Vanguard Newspaper here>

Read excerpts:

will you say you are a fulfilled person?

Life is not quantified by one's success alone. The situation in your immediate environment also shows how you are faring . In terms of personal aspiration, I would say no, because most of my desires to live in a society devoid of certain factors hampering proper  standard way of living are not present in the lives of those living around us. Majority of people in our midst still live below poverty level. So, how can I be fulfilled?.

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Job Vacancy: Human Resource Assistant,payroll ECOWAS.

The Economics of West African State (ECOWAS) is a major regional group of 15 West African Countries. It was founded in 1975 with the signing of the Treaty of Lagos, its aim is to promote economic integration across the region.

We are recruiting for:

Job Title: Human Resources Assistant, Payroll

Job Ref: ECW-COMM/REC/HRD-G/001/2012

Job Location: Abuja

Job Department: Human Resources

Job Description:

- you will help the HR Officer, Payroll with day to day benefits administration

- you will help collect employee benefits information needed to be published on HR portal

- you will reviews material distributed for the benefits policies and assist in maintaining benefits admin manuals

Job Requirement:

. Minimum of Ond or it equivalent in Project Management, Public Admin, or related field

. Minimum of 6 years experience


USD 19,388 – USD 25,781 per annual

Deadline: April 3rd, 2014

To apply visit
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NNPC/TOTAL National merit scholarship Award 2013/2014.

NPC/Total hereby invites applications from suitably qualified applicants or candidates for its 2013/2014 National Merit Awards.

Who Is Qualified To Apply?

For applicant to apply, you must be:

. Registered as full time undergraduates in recognized Nigeria Universities

. Show that you are certified 100/200 level students at the time of this application

. you must show or have a proof of SSCE or its Equivalent certificate

. able to show proof of UME scores, admission letters and Matriculation Numbers

Please Note: The following categories of student should not border to apply:

. A 300 level student and above

. A current beneficiary of similar awards from other companies and agencies

Deadline: March 30th, 2014

The Selection test will be by May 24th, 2014

To apply visit
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WTH: Governor of Benue state Suswam Narrowly escaped death from fulani people in his local Goverment.

Governor Gabriel Suswam of Benue state, Monday afternoon escaped death
by the whiskers when his convoy was ambushed by suspected Fulani
mercenaries who engaged his security aides in exchange of gunfire at
Tee-Akanyi village in Guma local government area of the state.

This was just after the rampaging invaders had sacked about 64
villages on the Daudu-Gbajimba axis of the council, killing no fewer
than 37 persons.

Governor Suswam had alongside journalists, Speaker of the State House
of Assembly, Terhile Ayua, the Benue state Commissioner of Police,
Adams Audu and his team, soldiers, and other security personnel
embarked on an assessment tour of communities that were recently
invaded by the herdsmen on Daudu-Gbajimba road.

On getting to Uikpam-Mbabai, the Governor and his team discovered that
the marauders had attacked and pulled out of the community that very
morning, after razing down houses, barns and beheading over thirty
persons whose remains laid lifeless in several houses and huts.

The Governor and his team were however taken aback when the military
personnel on the tour decided to pulled out of the tour on the ground
that they were not detailed to travel with the team to Gbajimba.

The decision of the soldiers did not however deter the Governor who
insisted on making the trip to Gbajimba without the military

It was while the Governor's convoy was heading to Umenger village, a
distance of about 20km from Daudu that the team discovered that the
herders had completely taken over all the villages on that axis,
grazing and looting the property of the locals who had deserted their

The convoy however ran into a fresh attack at Tse-Akenyi village where
fire was still raging in several houses in the entire community, while
the attackers continued with the looting of the property of their

However, the entourage did not realize that the marauders had taken
cover in some of the abandoned houses and while Governor Suswam
alighted from his car and was busy inspecting the level of destruction
in the community, when suddenly they came under heavy gun attack.

The gunfire sparked a duel between the security personnel on the
Governors entourage and the invaders who took cover in nearby bushes.

The exchange of gunfire lasted close to one hour, the Governor Suswam
was however safely smuggled into his official vehicle by his security
details when the shooting subsided and he was driven to Gbajimba, the
local government headquarters, where he addressed some of the fleeing
locals and displaced persons.

Speaking to the aggrieved people, Suswam lamented the spate of attacks
on the people of the state by Fulani herdsmen, he assured the
displaced persons that the government would not abandon them in the
time of grief.

Meantime, on his way back from the assessment tour, Governor Gabriel
Suswam picked and conveyed the remains of some the headed victims to
the mortuary in Makurdi. the st
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Boko Haram in trouble as Federal Government goes after its Sponsors.

This decision was reached after innocent school children at the
Federal Government College (FGC), Buni Yadi, in Yobe State were
brutally murdered by the insurgents.

According to a military source, one of the advantages the Boko Haram
members have is that most northern oil dealers smuggle their petroleum
allocation across the Nigerian boarders in Sokoto, Katsina, Kano, Yobe
and Borno and they are the ones helping to boost the mobility and
income of the insurgents.

According to intelligence report obtainded by the military about three
hundred truck load of petroleum product leaves the country every week
through Sokoto, Katsina and the other borders.

The terrorist group with the help of their supporters in government
use the proceeds from the sale of the oil to unleash terror on

He said there has been massive movement of soldiers to the North East
with the latest being the deployment of 81 Battalion and 213 Battalion
and this movement means that the whole army is going into the north
east to engage the insurgents in a fierce battle to conquer them in
the shortest possible time.

The soldiers are now taking the war to the doorsteps of the Boko Haram
group who are now on the retreat.

For the war against Boko Haram to end quickly, the Military is calling
on the Federal Government to man the borders through a joint operation
of the Immigration, Customs and the joint military forces to make sure
this leakage and passage of oil supply that runs into hundreds of
tankers in a week doesn't continue.
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Am not Engaged an Elderly white man gave me the ring says MBGN 2013 Anne Banner.

Few days to valentine, the reigning MBGN queen & Special Assistant on
Culture and Tourism in Bayelsa State fuelled speculations she was
engaged when she shared a photo of a ring on her finger with caption

''OMG!!!!!!'. can't believe dis'. n its not even valentines
day.. sapphire n diamond.

She cleared the air in a recent interview:

' The guy who gave me the ring is just a friend. He is not my
boyfriend. There is nothing between us.It was like 3-days before
Valentine. And it was given to me by a friend of mine, who is like my
godfather, an elderly white man. I was actually given two rings, a
sapphire/diamond ring and gold/diamond. He gave me that because my
birthday was around the corner and Valentine as well, and he wasn't
going to be around on those two occasions. I was very excited because
that was my first diamond ring. He even gave me the certificate for
the rings. So, right there, in his house, I posted it on Instagram.
But I didn't add anything like 'my boo gave it to me'.
The Diamond/sapphire is 26karat while the diamond/gold is 36karat.'

'I am single for now but I don't plan to remain single. When I
have a boyfriend, everybody will know.
# what kind of friend gives a diamond ring as a gift???? Of all the gifts in this world! Issorait#'
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Jobless Man caught in the act with a married woman.

This man was caught in the act with a married woman...
The guy was beaten and severely dealt with!
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ECO Bank Appoints New CEO.

Eco bank Transnational Incorporated(ETI) has appointed Mr. Albert Essien as the Group Chief Executive Officer of the bank with immediate effect; he replaces Mr. Thierry Tanoh as the CEO of the bank. Before this new appointment, Essien was the bank's Deputy CEO/ Group Executive Director for Corporate and Investment, replaces Mr. Thierry Tanoh as the CEO of the bank.This announcement, which was made known in a statement yesterday, also stated that the outgoing CEO would no longer be a Director of ETI. The statement added that Essien had been at Ecobank for over 20 years, rising to the position of Deputy Group CEO in 2012.

According to Bloomberg, "The lender's largest shareholder, South Africa's Public Investment Corp., had called for Tanoh to quit after allegations of mismanagement, which he denies. The board met in Cameroon's capital, Yaounde, after an extraordinary general meeting last week in Lome. Shareholders decided to keep the 12-member board and approved a plan to improve corporate governance following recommendations by Nigeria's Securities and Exchange Commission"
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Picture of the day!

Who does that?
Lmao! May be he bought the car through company loan! And he is still owning!
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